Superdox 100mg capsule is used as an antibiotic medicine to treat bacterial infections in the body. It is primarily given to the people dealing with lungs, urinary tract, and eyes infections. Also, it is used to deal with sexually transmitted diseases. It helps your system to fight off infections and cure the underlying condition.

The Doxycycline 100mg medicine is widely recommended by the doctors as it is reliable and highly effective in eliminating bacterial infections. Though there are some side-effects of taking this Doxycycline salted Superdox medicine, which are very common and can be handled without any complication.

The Superdox Doxycycline is also used in a combination with Ivermectin and placebo for coronavirus treatment trials. The medicine has shown positive results in the treatment for covid-19 patients.

Common side-effects of Superdox or doxycycline 100mg capsule:

  • Photosensitivity
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea

Salt Composition: Doxycycline (100mg)

Storage: Keep it at room temperature (10-30 degree Celsius)

Safety advises while using Superdox antibiotics:

Doxycycline iterations with Alcohol

You may show some side-effects using alcohol and Superdox medicine together. You must take the advice of your doctor before consuming alcohol during your Superdox prescription days.


Superdox 100mg capsule is considered unsafe to use during pregnancy days as there is definite evidence of risk to the developing baby. Your doctor won’t prescribe it until you are dealing with life-threatening situations. Please consult your doctor.


The medicine is safe to take during breastfeeding as there is no such evidence of side-effects seen in the children or the mothers. Still, you need to consult with your doctor before proceeding for the Superdox 100mg capsule.

Kidney or Lever

If you are suffering from any kind of kidney or liver disorder, you should consult with your doctor before taking this doxycycline antibiotic medicine.


Medicine decreases activeness, which may lead to accidents or injuries while driving or doing other hard physical activities. Visual disturbances are common while taking up Doxycycline medicine.

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