India shares a big contribution to manufacturing different medicines that are fulfiling the demand of the world medical sector. Many reputed brands manufacture thousands of medicines every year. Most of these brands export their manufactured medicines to their clients that come from different countries.

Laboratories have to maintain many health standards while developing medicines to cure and treat different health problems. Supermax Laboratories and Pharma have invested huge capital into manufacturing branded and generic medicines.

We have built great trust among our consumers in the last few years while delivering high-quality medicines all the time. We are continuously progressive to maintain high-quality standards while manufacturing more than 100 types of medicines. Supermax’s diligent efforts ensure superior quality products for all its products.

Currently, we are into producing more than 500 products in more than 50 types of therapeutic categories to heal patients. Our innovative capabilities are ranging from the development of simple molecule to the complex medicines while maintaining affordability. We have a licensed facility to produce hundreds of drugs to cater to the need of many pharmaceutical companies in India.

Supermax Laboratories has scaled up a large number of medicine developing divisions inside one medicine manufacturing facility.

Unmatched Quality & Care

Supermax Laboratories is run by a team of professional pharmacists that works on perfect proportions to produce varieties of medicines. Post manufacturing, all of its medicines and healthcare products pass through numerous tests and checks to meet the global medical standards. Innovative and hard-working efforts of more than 150 people work in order to manufacture and deliver medicines to different pharmacies worldwide.

25 years of excellence

The brand carries almost 25 years of innovative excellence in manufacturing medicines that suits different therapies and health disorders. Supermax Laboratories has come to the extent of success where it started delivering medicines to 14 different countries.

Supermax Laboratories and Pharma seek significant growth in the future as the companies already have invested for more advanced and modern machines to provide the best quality medicines to the worldwide market.


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