Contract Manufacture

We are dedicated to bringing healthier tomorrow with contract development and manufacturing of the medicines. Supermax has gained excellence in manufacturing high-quality and reliable medicines to the reputed pharmaceutical companies in the last 25 years.

Our world-class approach for manufacturing well-proportioned medicines has brought great trust of customers in us. We have achieved a high level of success after satisfying the need of the medical sector across 24 states in India. We, the Supermax promises for manufacturing 500+ types of medicines every year.

Quality Check Assurance

Every medicine that manufactures at the facility of Supermax passes through dozens of quality check before packing up for delivery to its clients and customers. Our highly-experienced team of medical practitioners get all the medicines checked with the help of advanced equipment and strategical approach.

We are one of the most trusted Pharma brands in the Indian market that keep all its clients happy with competitive prices and keeping no compromise with the quality of medicines.