Why Perilon Tablet is used:

Perilon tablet is prescribed for treating certain types of allergies, inflammatory conditions, skin & eyes diseases. It is also prescribed for treating autoimmune diseases and allergic conditions due to cancer treatment.

This medicine’s primary job is to block the response of certain inflammatory cells that are responsible for redness, swelling, and pain in the body.

Perilon is one of the most prescribed medications to reduce the pain occurred from certain forms of aggressive cancers like lymphomas and acute leukaemia.  Certain endocrinal conditions like decreased hormone production of the adrenal gland and swelling of the thyroid gland are also treated under the prescription of this medicine.

How to use Perilon or Cyproheptadine

Follow the instructions given by your doctor before taking the medicine. Usually, it is taken with the food to avoid irritation in the stomach and intestines. Swallow the whole tablet without breaking or chewing.

You must take it until the last day of your course prescribed by your doctor. Quitting this medicine when you see positive results after the first few doses may impact on your full recovery.

Perilon dosage instructions

Doctors prescribe it according to your condition and stage of your disease. Your doctor may prescribe it 10-60mg a day according to your disease. For asthma, generally, it is taken for 3-10 days.

This medicine is not known to be addictive as per the information provided by the doctors.

When to see your doctor?

You must talk to your doctor if condition worsens. Consult your problem before you stop taking medicine.

The doctor may suggest you lower down the dose of medicine or maybe some changed prescription will be given to you. Some common side-effects may scare you in the first few doses, but you should consult with your doctor in this case too. Supermax Pharma is the leading distributor of Perilon tablet in the major parts of India like Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, and Bihar. Besides Delhi and Dehradun in India, Supermax Laboratories and Pharma are one of the primary distributors of Perilon and generic medicines in Myanmar, Afghanistan, and Kazakhstan.

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