Supermax Pharma is the major Perilon tablet distributor in India. It is also known for distributing medicines like antibiotics, pain killers, anti-allergic, and antifungals as well.

Supermax Laboratories is one of the leading medicine manufacturers in India that makes 500 plus medicine inside a hi-tech facility in Dehradun. Supermax Pharma’s manufacturing faculty –  Supermax Laboratories fulfilling the requirement of more than 100 therapies for different health problems.

Supermax Pharma is the prime Perilon tablet distributor in India, which is highly active in distributing medicines to the states like Punjab, Haryana, Bihar, and West Bengal. Other than Indian states, one of the most reputed pharmaceutical companies in India, Supermax Pharma distributes its medicines in countries like Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, and Myanmar.

Uses of Perilon

Perilon tablet is prescribed by doctors for treating allergies, inflammatory conditions, skin, and eye diseases. It is one of the best medicines for treating allergic conditions that emerged due to cancer treatment.

How is it work?

The medicine blocks the response of certain inflammatory cells that may generate redness, swelling, and pain in the body. Some of the aggressive types of cancers like lymphomas and acute leukaemia can cause severe pain and allergy. This medicine is prescribed to reduce such pain. Some endocrinal conditions like decreased hormone production of the adrenal gland and swelling of the thyroid gland can also be treated with the help of Perilon medicine.

Dosage instruction for Perilon

The prescription of this medicine depends on the severity of your condition. The dosage can be ranged between 10-60mg a day, depending on the stage of your disease. For asthma patients, doctors may prescribe it for 3-10 days.

Safety advice

You must consult with your doctor if you find something uneasy with the consumption of this medicine. Also, you should talk to your doctor if you already are suffering from liver or kidney problems.

You may also experience dizziness with the consumption of this medicine. Try not to drive any vehicle if you are feeling light head or a little spiny in your head.