You must take medicines when you have suffered long with pains, aches, and fever conditions, for almost more than 24 hours. With simple self-care, you can control over many health problems like colds, the flu, and viral fevers.

Medications Prescribed


This drug is effective in controlling the brain to forget the body temperature and pain. These medications help you to fight fever, chills, headaches, sore throats, and body aches.

You must ask your doctor for taking acetaminophen if you already are suffering from kidney or liver disease, or you are addicted to alcoholic drinks. Check the labels of medicines before purchasing them and make sure that you are not overdosing yourself.

Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)

The NSAIDs group of medicines include aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen. Each one of them contains different proportions of salts, but all of them reduce fevers and pain.

You must avoid taking NSAIDs if you already are taking a blood thinner or you have conditions like heart, liver, stomach or kidney. Don’t give aspirin to the child below 19. This medicine can cause a serious illness called Reye ’s syndrome.

Excessive use of pain relievers can harm your internal organs. You must consult with your doctor while using ibuprofen and acetaminophen frequently to control the pain.

Some interesting facts about OTC pain relievers

Using regular doses of OTC pain relievers reduces the effect of other medicines. Talk to your doctors first if you are on a daily dosage of aspirin. The excessive use of OTC pain relievers than the recommended dose won’t make work faster or better. Taking more than recommended OTC could be dangerous for your health.

When to see a doctor?

Usually, a viral cold or fever goes away on its own. But you should call your doctor if the temperature constantly goes above 101 F, vomiting, bad headache, or cough.

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