Numerous studies are available on the Internet that tells about the benefits and bad effects of alcohol on our health. Also, people share mixed views on the use of alcohol. Some of them say that moderate consumption is good for health, while a few of them completely denies the fact.

The fact is – the health effects depend on the type and amount of alcohol you consume. The after-drinking effect also depends on how strong is your body and how frequently you consume it.

Here are -some facts and details, mentioning alcohol effects on your body:

Impact on liver

The liver is known for neutralizing toxic substances in our body. As alcohol acts as a toxic substance, it may be resulting in fatty liver, known as increased fat inside liver cells.

Fatty liver can be the case found in most of the people who consume alcohol every day.

Heavy and daily drinkers may report inflamed liver. The worst-case may be cells become died and scar tissue, leading to a serious condition called cirrhosis. Liver Cirrhosis is irreversible and may lead to serious health problems. The advanced liver cirrhosis condition may lead to the seriousness of a liver transplant.

Impact on your brain

Excessive drinking may lead to adverse effects on your brain health.

In short term effects – ethanol reduces communication between brain cells. With heavy drinking once in a while can be the reason for blackout, memory loss, or amnesia.

Though most of the symptoms are temporary, excessive alcohol drinking may take you to the verge of dementia and brain shrinkage. The middle-aged persons are more prone to catch up by these mental disorders.

Body Weight

Obesity comes out as a serious health concern when you become a daily alcohol drinker. In a study, experts found that heavy drinking leads to weight gain and moderate drinking linked to reduced weight gain.

Drinking beer helps you gain weight as it contains high calories while red wine may help you decrease your weight.

Heart Health

Chronic alcoholism promotes bad heart health and one of the leading causes of death in current society. Some studies show that moderate drinking promotes the reduced risk of heart disease, while heavy drinking is linked to increased risk.

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