Glenmark Pharmaceuticals brings a big breakthrough to relieve covid-19 patients with mild to moderate symptoms. The brand promised for 88 per cent recovery rate in the patient between the age of 18-75 with its newly introduced anti-viral drug Favipiravir.

The drug firm Glenmark has signed a contract with FabFlu and allowed it to produce Favirpiravir to treat covid-19 infected patients.

FabFlu is the first company that received the contractual authority to produce this antiviral drug for handling the covid-19 crisis in India.

Price and Weight

The 200mg tablet of Favipiravir is priced at Rs. 103 and a stripe of 34 tablets is available at the price of Rs. 3500. As per the sources, the medicine is available in the variety of 200mg only. Minimums two stripes are recommended for the single covid-19 patient.

Dosage Instructions

The medicine can be availed with the doctors’ prescription-only. The recommended dose for day one is 1800mg twice. From the day second, it is followed with 800mg of dosage twice a day up to 14 days, stated by the drug firm itself.

Who has developed Favipiravir?

Glenmark has started producing active pharmaceutical ingredients for this antiviral drug at their Ankleshwar plant and formulation is being produced at their Baddi plant.

How is it effective?

It significantly improves the condition of covid-19 patients suffering from mild to moderate symptoms. The coronavirus 2019 contains RNA structure and the drug is highly capable to control this RNA structure.

How is it tested?

The heavy but non-side-effective dosage of this drug rapidly reduces the viral load within four days of its use. The drug manufacturer said that this medicine showed 88 per cent positive results in mild to moderate covid-19 patients.

Glenmark was the first company allowed by drug regulator authority to conduct a phase-3 clinical trial of Favipiravir antiviral tablets for covid-19 cases.

The biggest achievement is that Favipiravir can be given to the covid-19 patients with co-morbid conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, declared by Glenmark.

Supermax Pharmacy expects positive results in treating covid-19 patients with the use of Favipiravir. It is looking forward to start producing the same drug after getting approval from government authorities. Currently, Supermax Pharmacy is dealing in more than 500 generic and branded medicines for neurological, psychological, pain, diabetes, gastrointestinal, infection, and gynaecology. All these medicines are tested and regulated by government authorities to maintain drug standards.

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