There are thousands of medicines available in their generic form, to save bucks for the people who cannot afford branded medicines. The government claims that all the generic medicines’ quality is equivalent to the branded ones.

Many people have questioned the quality of generic medicines provided by state and central governments in recent time. The well-known Dr Niteesh K. Choudhry, professor of medicine at Harvard Medicine School has also discussed the quality of those medicines.

A Canadian study published in October 2017 also explains the degraded quality of the generic medicines. According to a very recent study, three different versions of generic blood-pressure medicines given to the patients, have found more side-effective in comparison to the branded medicines.

However, it cannot be said that all the generic medicines cause the same kind of side-effects. It depends on what doctors suggest and prescribes to the patients.

What is the approval process for generic medicines?

Let’s understand a little about the quality of those generic medications, followed by how they are regulated and approved.

The Indian Medical Association approves a large number of generic medicines in order to facilitate low-cost medications to the people of India.

The regulations over generic medicines in India are quite similar to those of developed countries across the world. The salt of the generic medicines may vary up to 5 per cent, depending upon the approval of the government associated medical authorities.

If we keep aside the negligible side-effects (depending on the type of medicine), generic medicines perform and result as the same as the branded medicines.

In 2008, the Indian Government started distributing generic medicines in the form of “Jan Aushadhi”(A Hindi word that means “Medicine for people”). This program came into existence to avail medicines for all poor people in our country. The retail outlets for generic medicines under the program “Jan Aushadhi” were settled to help poor people all across the country.

In October 2016, an amendment made to the code of conduct for doctors, which describes that every physician should prescribe drugs with their generic names only.

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