Generic drugs are the copy of branded medicines and use same composition, usage, intended use, effects, and side-effects as branded medicines. A large number of people concerned about the quality of generic medicines as these medicines are a lot cheaper than branded medications.

The brands add the cost of research, development, marketing, and advertising to the price of branded medicines. The reason for the low prices of these generic drugs is that drug manufacturing companies impose the prices of its manufacturing only.

When multiple companies start manufacturing the same drug, also brings down the prices of medicine. Like these, there are several factors may bring down the cost of medicine.

Affects & Effects

One of the common misbeliefs is that generic drug medicines take a longer time to work in comparison to branded medicine. They offer the same effects and side-effects as branded medicines.

Sometimes, the generic version of a drug may contain different colours, flavours, and a combination of inactive ingredients than the original medicines. The Indian drug regulatory Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation CDSCO approves companies to manufacture both generic and branded medicine. The Indian regulatory approves drug only when the generic drugs work the same as the branded medicine.

So, the people must ask for generic medicines instead of the branded one as they meant to provide the same results with lesser price. If someone is on permanent medication and costing very high, he must opt for generic medicine.

Why the generic version of medicines introduced?

A big part of the world’s population cannot afford branded medicines because of their prices. Here, generic medicine comes into existence and offer highly affordable options. These medicines manufactured to offer the same results as branded medicines.

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