There are many trials in the process in order to find a good cure for the novel coronavirus. But, there is still no specific drug introduced to cure covid-19 till now.

However, doctors at Sawai Man Singh Hospital in Jaipur successfully treated 3 covid-19 patients with the combination of HIV, Swine Flu, and Malaria drugs before the lockdown. But the tested drugs were not approved due to insufficient effects on many of the covid-19 patients.

A ray of hope, Chloroquine is found quite effective in treating coronavirus patients. The government of India asked authorities to stop exporting chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine despite FDA has lifted its ban on importing these drugs as these can have the potential of treating covid-19 infection.

Indian commercial department has already announced its ban on exporting both chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. Still, there is no confirmation received from WHO to use both of these drugs for the treatment of coronavirus 2019. As per the reports, the Indian Ministry of Commerce & Industry may give permission to export these drugs, based on the humanitarian grounds and will be assessed on a “case-to-case” basis.

In a daily press briefing, President of America, Mr Donald Trump claimed that chloroquine had been approved for use in treating covid-19 infected patients.

However, the FDA has cleared that chloroquine has not been approved for treating those who are infected with the novel coronavirus. Later, President Trump clarified that the drug had been approved for “compassionate use” only.

He has also announced that New York State would be starting a trial combining both of these drugs and a well-known antibiotic Zithromax for treatment for Covid-19 infected patients.

Status of Global Covid-19 cure research

Chloroquine has been found as the most effective drug for treating covid-19 patients. Undoubtedly, there are many trials going on to make it more effective and less side-effective. Doctors found it as a ray of hope for sure as it has appeared as a really helpful drug to get us out from this global disaster.

But, still, all the drugs that found quite helpful in treating covid-19 patients are under clinical trials. It is important to understand the behaviour of these medicines in coronavirus patients as they may generate life-threatening side-effects.

Supermax’s highly-experienced team of drug professionals is expecting positive results on all these clinical trials of the novel coronavirus. We are ready to manufacture medicines as soon as we receive a green signal from the concerned government authorities.

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