Generic medicines contain the same strength and dosage as branded drugs. They are developed by applying the same standards and offers the same effectiveness and safety standards.

FDA approves generic drugs if it:

  • Offers same treatment for the medical condition
  • Contains the same salt as the branded medicine
  • Identical in strength, purity and quality
  • Absorbs with the same rate into the bloodstream

Generic drugs can be made by the same companies that make brand-name medicines. The FDA keeps an eye and regulates all the generic medicines suppliers in India to assure the quality of medicines.

100s of pharmaceutical companies are active in making generic medicines in India but a few of them are delivering the quality that matches with the WHO standards. Supermax is one of the best pharma companies’ franchise that delivers great quality and safety with all of its medicines. It is a world-renowned brand that is headquartered in Delhi.

Generic medicines in India are high on demand because of its affordability and access to the public of India. Not even in India, but most of the Asian and Middle East countries look forward to selling generic medicines in their countries. Supermax has come forward in the form of one of the best generic medicines supplier in India with its superbly facilitated production facility and drug developer team.

Supermax’s modern approach is working in the direction of supplying the finest generic medicines in India to meet the requirement of all of its clients. The brand came into the supplying of generic medicines when WHO and Indian medical association helped medicine producer companies to boost the demand of generic pharma companies’ franchise.

The Supermax offers some great franchise opportunities for distributors to start a generic medicine company in India. The medicine franchise company – Supermax invites all the innovative and hard-working distributor companies to distribute the best generic medicines worldwide.

What are the benefits of taking the generic medicine franchise of Supermax Pharma?

  • It is one of the renowned brands that get certification from WHO/ISO and GMP
  • Ensures the best packaging and production under completely hygienic faculty
  • The generic medicine franchise by Supermax Pharma helps you with no monthly targets as the brand holds a good reputation, which helps to sell the units easily in the global market.
  • One of the best Pharma Franchise companies in India, Supermax’s superb image helps its distributors to expand their business in less time.

Types of generic medicines sold by one of the best generic medicine and companies in India:

  • The PCD Pharma Company in India sells many forms of paracetamol tablets in its faculty
  • This reputed generic medicine company holds the franchise of producing 100s of therapeutic capsules in India

The generic injection doses are too prepared at the faculty of Supermax Pharmaceutical Company in India.

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